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Yash Tools offers a wide variety of gear hobs. These gear cutters are the best gear cutting tools in the automobile and industrial machinery industries. All types of high speed steel hobs are supplied to cut involute gears, splines, serrations and special forms.

All cutters are developed and manufactured through a process of total quality control, management and extensive research and development activities

 Our Varieties
. Worm Wheel Hobs . Timing Pulley Hobs . Serration Hobs

     Basic Parameters
0.25 module to 35 module & 64 DP to 0.8 DP
Non-Topping, Semi-Topping, Topping, finishing, pre-shaving, pre- grinding, with or without protuberance, full fillet etc.
Single or Multi Start
AA, A, B & C (as per DIN 3968 or equivalent AGMA, JIS standard)
with all standard & non-standard profiles
M2, M35, ASP 2030, ASP 2060 etc.

Involute Gear Hobs are for generating gears of maximum accuracy. They are normally specified for processes, where no subsequent tooth finishing operations are required, or where improved accuracy before tooth shaving operations is required.

Involute spline hobs
Straight spline hobs

Involute Spline hobs have a stud tooth depth for cutting all types of standard and non-standard involute splines whereas Straight Spline Hobs are used for cutting parallel splines & are manufactured in single or multi start design with pressure angles 20°, 30°, 37.5° & 45°.

Are used to cut roller chain sprockets with in the range from ¼” to 3” pitch or 5mm to 76mm pitch in DIN, BS, JIS, ASA standards. These are also manufactured in single or multi start as per various sprocket request

Worm wheel Hobs are generally designed for plunge cutting. These hobs are a part of specific tools that match the worm shaft with sharpening allowance. Hobs are manufactured in shell or shank type. Single & multi start ground worm wheel hobs can be had on request.

These hobs are used for timing pulleys with Straight Sided or Involute Teeth for Rubber Timing Belt Pulleys, Polyurethane Metric Timing Belt Pulleys, HTD and STD Profiles

Serration hobs are generally designed to cut the serrations as per the job. These special hobs generate the correct tooth form at one level, so the accuracy has to be high.

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