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The most important production key parameter of any cutting tool is its hardening as it can save tools wear/ re-sharpening, high down time & high tooling cost.
We have vendors who have the latest advanced heat treatment process called Deep Cryogenic treatment process which has the microprocessor based thermal chamber capable of processing at minus 190° C & raised to + 160° C. This process increase tools life by 40% - 120% & can reduce your annual perishable tooling costs by 25% - 30% with increase in productivity & low machine downtime. This process also works excellent with TiN coating, as has been observed


We also provide different types of coatings on gear cutters to dramatically extend the life of your tool. Offering the latest in high performance PVD coatings for most industrial applications including: Titanium Nitride (TiN), Titanium Carbonitride (TiCN), Titanium Aluminum Nitride (TiAlN), or any other coating as per client requirement.
It increases the tools life, reduce the tool inventory, reduce machine downtime and increase shop efficiency.


One of the major accuracy for any tool is to get it designed with appropriate parameters to check the profile accordingly as it provides fast, accurate simulation of all the tools produced .

The tooth profiles of Gear Hobs, Shaper cutters, milling cutters, Shaving Cutters or any non-standard tool are c omputer aided design which allows rapid assessment of individual cutting requirements and ideal optimization of all variables for maximum cutter effectiveness


Packed in wooden corrugated boxes / other packaging materials (if required) to make them reach safe to you

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