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     Basic Parameters
0.50 to 20.00
Pressure Angle
14°30’ to 30°
Class “AA” & “A” as per DIN, BS, ASA standards specification
Special Features
Chamfering, semi-topping, protuberance, flat or fillet roots
Spur & Helical
With all standard & non-standard profiles
M2, M35, ASP 2030, ASP 2060 etc.

Gear Shaper cutters are designed and produced for cutting & finishing for any type of gear, internal or external, spur or helical. They can also be designed to cut splines, serrations, sprockets or other involute forms

Types of Gear Shapers: Involute Standard/Spline Gear Shapers, Chain sprocket shapers, Timing pulley shaper cutters


These shaper cutters have a disc shaped which have the general utility to give roughing or finish form to cut spur, helical & spline gear.


This type of cutter is used to cut internal gears of small diameter and spline holes. They can also be designed for external gears depending on the job.


These cutters can be used for roughing & finishing external gears where it is not feasible to use external disc type cutters

     Basic Parameters
1.00 – 10.00 Module
Conventional, Diagonal, Underpass & Plunge Cut
Standard Involute, Tip Relief, Profile & Lead Crowing
150mm to 260mm
M2, M35, ASP 2030, ASP 2060 etc.

These HSS cutters are supplied in conventional type, diagonal, plunge cut with a wide range of sizes according to the customer requirement.

Cutters are designed with profiles to incorporate them with tip relief, depth crowning, lead crowning etc., on component.

Shaving Cutters are mainly used for gear shaving in the automobile industry in large batch production, especially used in CNC high speed shaving machines

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