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Yash Tools also offers special type of gear cutting tools for different application used in the automobile and industrial machinery industries. These tools have different utilities & jobs to be run as per client requirement such as to derivate any profile to cut gears, splines, serrations and special forms.

Rack type cutters are produced for the Sunderland and Maag & gear planning machines for both spur and helical gears from 1 module – 30 module ranging from single tooth to multi tooth depending upon client requirement. Available in HSS M2, ASP 2030 & ASP 2023 material

Gear Chamfering Cutters are used for gear chamfering and deburring in the automobile industry. The cutters can deburring both sides of the gear at the same time.

We can supply the cutters according to request. These are held against the sides of faces of the gear.

The variation in the width of blank is taken by spring loaded blades. Deburring cutters remove burrs neatly. These are re-sharpenable and give long life.

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