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. Short Machine Taps
. Spiral Point Taps
. NPT & NGT Taps
. Nib Taps
. Long Machine Taps
. BSP Parallel Taps
. Serial Foam Taps . Spiral Fluted Taps

1 mm to 120 mm. &  1/16"  to 5"
Thread Foams
Steel carbon, M2, M35, M42 as well as in special steel as per customer's specifications.
Surface Treatment
Available in Blued / Nitrated / Tin Coated

Can also be manufactured according to standards-

Din 371, Din 376, Din 529, Bs 949, Iso 529, Iso 2284, Jis B4430, As, etc.

Available in tin coating, Ticn coating and tiacn coating

Recommended for working on tough & string materials Coarse pitch taps in set of 3 pieces.

Suitable for tapping through and blind holes in Steel, Copper & Long Chipping Machine.

Chips flow out against tapping direction (ejected from holes)

Lower tapping torque and applicable for tapping to the bottom of holes

For both through & blind holes (short thread depth only)

Materials where chips come out in powder form Hard Materials

All Taps are right hand

Special Left Hand taps can also be manufactured against special request.

Straight flute taps for hand use in both through and blind holes.

Straight flute taps are suitable for cast iron and other abrasive short chipping materials. Suitable for high speed tapping.

Spiral Point taps are designed used for tapping through holes in most steels. Suitable for threading most common materials.

Round Threading Dies 2" / 1.5" / 1" Outside Diameter

Sizes 1/16" to 1", Sizes BSW, BSF, UNF & UNC, 2mm to 25 mm in course and fine pitches, 1/8", 1/4",1/2" BSP to 3/4" BSP.

Sizes above 1" to 1 1/2" BSW, BSF, UNC & UNF in mm above 25mm to 40mm in Course & fine pitches can be avail in different Diameters.

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